Mixtures and Potion 2017: Gak!

Dear Parents-

Today during our Mixtures and Potions lesson we created gak! Is gak a solid or a liquid? We will determine that today! We read Change It! Solids, liquids, gases and you by Adrienne Mason to better understand matter and the differences between solids and liquids. Solids have their own shape. They don’t change shape easily. Liquids, however, change shape easily because they have no shape of their own. Liquids often flow when you pour them. We learned that Sir Isaac Newton is the scientist who defined liquids, solids, and gases.

We explored our ingredients. Glue is a liquid. Water is a liquid. Borax is a solid. We mixed the glue and warm water together and put it aside. Then we mixed Borax and warm water with purple food coloring. Then we combined our two liquid solutions to create a new substance… gak! Is it a liquid or a solid? After careful investigation, we weren’t sure! The gak seems like a liquid because it flows off your fingers and it takes the shape of the container you put it in. But when you squeeze the gak, it turns into a solid. So which is it? Is it a liquid or a solid? It’s been classified as a non-Newtonian fluid because it doesn’t fit into either of Sir Isaac Newton’s categories.

Exploration Time took on a royal theme today!

Science Experiments: We made gak!

Projects: We chose our work today. There were two options:

Guess what we made out of a paper plate today? A royal crown!

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch inspired the dragon project at our easel today.

Math and Science Table: Check out the amazing castle like structures we built using our Loose Parts today on Facebook!

Sensory Play: We played with sparkling jewels in a sensory bin! We added a castle, princesses, and the knights to complete the kingdom.

Table Play: The Legos were available for construction in our sensory bin with our knights.

What animal is known as being a “king”? That’s right, the mighty lion! We created his habitat in a bin of black-eyed peas, along with some savannah animals, a few plastic trees, blues stones, sensory rocks, and tree cookies.

Dramatic Play: We had a Royal Banquet today at our TLaS! castle!   Our banquet was complete with the kitchen, dishes, food, trays for serving, a white tablecloth, and the brass candlesticks. The aprons were out along with the cleaning supplies. There is a big clean up after a Royal Banquet!

Floor Play: Floor play was construction play today. The large wooden blocks were out with the colorful Solo cups, our colorful dowels, the castle folk, and the dragons.

Light Table: There was a tiny village on the light table today! There were tiny houses, cars, and people.

Snack: We ate a castle today! Our building materials were a half of a graham cracker, small crackers for turret building, sweet embellishments, and some frosting to hold it all together!


Change It! Solids, liquids, gases and you by Adrienne Mason

The Paper bag Princess by Robert Munsch

Thank you for mixing up some royal fun with us this week!

Our best,

Jodi and Coleen

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What: Come explore science, technology, engineering, art and math as we work to construct and test a vessel at the Third Annual TLaS! Egg Drop! This interactive 2.5 hour workshop will consist of a science themed lesson, exploration time, a craft and a snack.

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