Mixtures & Potions 2017: Play doh

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mixtures and Potions! We are excited to be exploring the properties of solids and liquids along with what their interactions create. We began our lesson today by reading The Little Red Hen, illustrated by Lucinda McQueen. She was a busy hen. She found lots of science in her everyday life. She explored the properties of water when she washed her clothes. She recycled. She gardened. She baked.

We decided to be like the Little Red Hen and explore the science of baking! We focused on measurement. We brainstormed all the different tools we might have in our homes to measure things in the world around us.  We then used dry and liquid measuring cups to measure flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil and water into our mixing bowl. We discussed which of these ingredients were solid and which were liquids. We used a Kitchen Aid mixer to combine these items to form dough. The children then explored the properties of the dough by kneading it. Each scientist has a baggie of play doh that was made in our science lab to take home! Once we were through experimenting in our lab we introduced exploration time.

Our theme for exploration today was inspired by The Little Red Hen. We incorporated both baking and farm play.

Science Experiment:   Making play doh!

Projects:  Our work consisted of making our very own little red hen. We also had the opportunity to cut out and decorate a donut at the easel.

Math and Science Table: We created a farm using our loose parts. Check out the photos on Facebook!

Table Play:  Legos!

Sensory Play:  Sensory play included our sensory bin of pinto beans with our little stable, little horses, Lincoln logs and blue stones. These items set the scene for some tiny farm fun!

Dramatic Play:  Dramatic play was a bakery of course! Complete with farm cookie cutters, rolling pins, spatulas, baking trays, our kitchen, the coffee pot, coffee cups, utensils and plates as well as a cash register for paying for our baked goods.

Floor Play:  We provided our barn, Lincoln logs, tree cookies, farm animals, tractors, and our green and brown carpets. We love to observe how our scientists organize their farm!

Snack: We ate a large marshmallow (hen), candy egg and some pretzel sticks.

Light table:  We had so much fun with our window blocks, the fragile, chenille chicks and their eggs along with some colorful nest building materials. 


The Little Red Hen pictures by Lucinda McQueen

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) retold by Philemon Sturges, illustrated by Amy Walrod.

At the conclusion of our lesson we discussed the similarities and differences between both of the Little Red Hen stories we heard today.   We just love connecting Science and Literature!

Thank you for sharing your scientist with us~

Coleen and Jodi

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