Mixtures and Potions 2017: Silly Putty!

Dear Parents-

It was a real circus at Think Like a Scientist! llc today! We wrapped up our Mixtures and Potions unit in a silly way…we made homemade silly putty! Our ingredients were Elmer’s Glue All, water, and Borax.

We mixed 1/8 tsp. Borax with ½ cup warm water to form a soap solution. We stirred with a craft stick. While the water is still swirling, we held a bottle of Elmer’s Glue All about a foot above the soap solution. We squeezed in the glue. We used approximately 1-2 tablespoons glue. We stuck the craft stick in the middle of the glue blob and stirred until it formed a ball. We popped all glue bubbles and submerged it back into the soap solution. Then we pulled the glue out of soap solution and kneaded. We created a stretchy new substance from two solutions!

We learned that silly putty is stretchy because it is a polymer! A polymer is a chemical compound formed from long chains of the same molecule group. These chains repeat over and over. Polymers can be flexible, pliable and stretchy. When cross-links are formed in a polymer, its chains of molecules are connected in several places, producing a stronger and more elastic polymer. Polymers tend to be dense, strong, and flexible.  Some examples are plastic bottles, styrofoam, latex paint, chewing gum, slime, and silly putty.

Exploration Time was silly today! We couldn’t think of a sillier place than a circus!

Science Experiments: We made silly putty!

At listening and learning time we boiled spaghetti to better understand why a polymer behaves in the way it does. Yes, spaghetti acts like a polymer! When a pile of freshly cooked spaghetti comes out of the hot water and into the bowl, the strands flow like a liquid from the pan to the bowl. This is because the spaghetti strands are slippery and slide over one another. The water drains off of the pasta and the strands start to stick together. The spaghetti takes on a rubbery texture. Wait a little while longer for all of the water to evaporate and the pile of spaghetti turns into a solid mass, then drop it on the floor and watch it bounce. Silly putty behaves just like the cooked spaghetti!

Projects: Our work today was making a fun clown! The easel was a choice today. Look to see if your child created a lion, a favorite animal at the circus!

Math and Science Table: Circus themed loose parts! We provided stacking clowns, tinker toys, a barrel of monkeys, circus animals, paper towel tubes, TP tubes, Truvia jars, blue stones, spools, pipe cleaners and large buttons. Check out the pictures on Facebook to see what they created!

Sensory Play: We explored our gak!

Table Play: Today we played with our very silly concoction from last week. Our royal gak was available for exploration with various tools and containers to observe how it behaves like a liquid and a solid!

We also built fun, silly Lego structures!

Dramatic Play: The TLaS! Circus came to town! We pretended to buy snacks at the concession stand. We bought and sold ice cream treats. Yum!

Floor Play: Every circus has a train. We engineered train tracks for the circus to travel from town to town.

The My Little Pony toys were also available with their structures, the architectural blocks, and large wooden blocks.

Light Table: We traced circus themed pictures at the light table today! The easel was available for coloring our pictures.

Snack: We made a silly clown’s face from a graham cracker, a dollop of vanilla frosting, tasty hair, a pita chip hat, M&M eyes, a delicious silly nose, and some button candies for a mouth. Silly and delicious!


Silly Sally by Audrey Wood

Olivia Goes to the Circus by Ian Falconer

We hope you had fun clowning around during Mixtures and Potions! We will be Exploring our Environment: One Habitat at a Time in April! Enjoy a BOGO for April and May! Pay just $185 for both months’ tuition.

We look forward to “monkeying around” next week!

Jodi and Coleen