Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Dear Parents,

Today at Think Like a Scientist! llc we explored “going green”.  In honor of Earth Day, we emphasized what each person can do to help take care of the environment.   Yes, YOU can make a difference!  We brainstormed things that we can do to help save our environment:  turning off lights and water faucets when not using them, donating toys, reusing things, picking up trash, carpooling, walking, and protecting habitats, trees, and animals.

What is the difference between throwing something away and recycling it? There is a big difference! We read Where Does the Garbage Go?  By Paul Showers to understand where unwanted items go when we throw it away versus when we recycle it.

We then discussed the phrase: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!   We learned that reduce means to use less of something to conserve it.  To reuse something means to use it again, possibly in a different way.  When recycling occurs, we convert or change waste (or trash) into a reusable material.  In our experiment today, we changed an unusable material into a usable material…we recycled!

“Saving the Earth” inspired Exploration Today!  Look to see all the ways the YOU can help protect our environment!


Science Experiment:  Just what do you do with worn down crayons?  Recycle them!  We did just that in our Science Lab today.   We used reused yogurt containers to melt little bits of difficult to use crayons.  Each scientist helped with the peeling of the crayons and chose what colors they wanted for their newly recycled crayon.  We filled the bottom of the container with the crayon bits and melted them in the microwave.  The crayons cooled and will come home for coloring fun!  The newly formed crayons are usable once more!

Projects:  Today we made a recycling truck for our work.  We added tissue paper pieces as our recyclable items!

The children could also have made a “squish painting “planet Earth!

Math and Science Table:  Loose parts fun!

Table Play:  We created a clean, healthy environment for our fuzzy animals with the soft tree, tree cookies, blue stones, and the green rug.

We practiced recycling today with our dollhouse and its family.  We added small trash and recycling bins so our family could recycle!.

Dramatic Play:  A TLaS! Recycling Center complete with a recycling truck was our Dramatic Play today.  We sorted our recyclables into bins marked for paper, plastics, and metals.  We added TLaS! aprons, hard hats, and a phone for imaginative fun! 

Light Table:  We traced at the light table today!

Floor Play: We used (actually reused!) our large solo cups today for construction.  We added castle people and dragons for fun!    Check out the fabulous building on Facebook! 

Our Playmobil collection is growing!  We added a recycling truck and our roads to the schoolhouse.  A school is the perfect place for recycling!

Snack:  We ate a “reused” snack!  We took yummy odds and ends out of our snack cabinet and ate them as leftovers!  No waste!


Our Class is Going Green! By Kindergarten students of Oak Park Elementary School

Where Does the Garbage Go?  By Paul Showers

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

We hope we have empowered your children to help repurpose unwanted items!  Thanks for going green with us!

Our best,

Coleen and Jodi