Saving Our Earth One Habitat at a Time: The Rainforest

Dear Parents,

Today we explored the rain forest! This is a hot, wet home to many creatures. Some areas of the tropical rain forest get 160 inches of rain a year. The temperature is always between 75 and 80 degrees. Rain forests are found near the equator where the weather is warm year round.  We read Over in the Rainforest by Connie and Peter Roop. We learned that there are several layers to the rainforest. The emergent layer is at the very top of the tallest trees. Monkeys live here. The canopy is thick with leafy branches and consists of dappled sunlight. Most of the animals that inhabit the rainforest live here. The understory is made up of dense leafy bushes. It is darker in this part of the forest. Tiny frogs and birds live here. The forest floor is a carpet of dead leaves. This is where most of the rain forest dwelling insects live as well as many insect munching creatures. Creatures of the rain forest are known to move from layer to layer exploring and looking for food.

We placed rainforest animals in their correct layer of our very own rain forest! Ask your child what we used to create our rainforest. We made our own little rain forest in a cup. We planted grass seed in some soil, watered it and taped a clear lid over the top. Place this in a sunny area of your home. Your child should soon see it “rain” inside the cup which will keep their seeds moist enough to sprout!

The creature we featured from this habitat was the Howler monkey. We read Howler Monkeys by Anita Ganeri. We learned that this monkey is endangered. It is the loudest animal in the world. Their howl is not piercing but can travel for 3 miles through dense forest! They use their voice to defend their turf and figure out where another troop might be located. They eat leaves, fruit and insects.

Science Experiment:  Rainforest in a cup!

Projects:  Today we could make a howler monkey, a sloth or both!

Math and Science Table: On the math and science table today we used our loose parts to create the layers of the rainforest.

Table Play:  Table play included our magnetic mosaics and magnet boards on one table. On another table we played with LPS rain forest animals, our green carpet, plastic trees, blue glass stones and some tree cookies.

Sensory Play: We turned our sensory tote into a river complete with crocodiles, piranha, colorful fish, water birds, rocks and a few Lincoln logs.

Dramatic Play:  Dramatic play was a rescue center. We got out our vests, binoculars, lantern, backpacks, blocks, the rainforest animals, our glitter frogs, our rescue crates and blankets as well as veggies to feed the animals that we rescued. Our dr. kit was available for those animals in need of some help from the TLaS! veterinarian staff!

Floor Play:  We rolled out our black carpets then filled them with jungle toys, our rain forest boxes, fuzzy rainforest animals, colorful frogs, the rainforest toob, insects, blue stones, tree cookies and vines. It was a jungle out there!

Snack: We used a cookie to create a howler monkey!

Light table:  We thought outside the light box and added tinker toys and monkeys to the light table today!

Stories: Over in the Rainforest by Connie and Peter Roop

Howler Monkeys by Anita Ganeri

Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth by Eric Carle

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Coleen and Jodi