Field Trips

Think Like a Scientist! llc offers 8 different hands-on, inquiry based, interactive field trips. Choose one from below. All field trips include materials for a science based lesson, a hands-on experiment, an art project, and Exploration Time. Think Like a Scientist! llc provides two teachers, full set up and clean up, and the convenience of an in-school field trip. We remove the need to transport students.

Contact Jodi Wooten (484-319-8825) or Coleen Herbst (484-678-1602) at for more information or to secure your date for Think Like a Scientist! llc to travel to your school.

Contact us for our summer field trip themes! Book a field trip with us containing a minimum of three classes, between June 19th and August 31st, and receive 50% off one class!

Elephant Toothpaste (Chemistry)

Witness the astonishment of a chemical reaction! We will combine different substances to create a brand new one! Your students will experiment with “elephant toothpaste”, create an elephant art project, and interact with a savannah based Exploration Time.

Saving the Sea Turtles (Environmental Science)

Experience pollution from the eyes of a helpless creature. Your students will experiment with rescuing sea turtles from polluted waters, create a turtle art project, and interact with an ocean based Exploration Time.

Erupting Volcanoes (Earth Science)

Fun will erupt when your students experiment with volcanoes, create their own paper plate volcano, and interact with a prehistoric Exploration Time.

What is a Landform? (Earth Science)

Take a closer look at our Earth!  Your students will plant a plain, create a fox art project, and interact with the wonders of our Earth at Exploration Time.

Exploring Simple Machines (Physics)

Get down to the nuts and bolts of simple machines!  Your students will experiment with the lever, the inclined plane, the wheel and the axle, as well as the pulley and the wedge.  They will have the opportunity to choose from two art projects which highlight these machines, and interact with our simple machine themed Exploration Time.

Seed Germination (Plant-based Biology)

Budding scientists will experiment with seed germination, create a royal art project, and interact with a Jack and the Beanstalk Exploration Time.

Lifecycle of a Chick (Animal based Biology)

Come explore nature’s strength! Your students will explore the seemingly fragile egg, create a chick art project, and interact with a farm based Exploration Time.

Bird Beaks are Tools! (Animal Based Biology)

Discover the wonders of nature! Your students will experiment with tools that simulate a bird beak, while matching the beak with the appropriate food it eats.  Students will also create a “Bird on a Wire” art project, and interact with a nature based Exploration Time.


2 classes………………….$400

3 classes………………….$600

4 classes………………….$800

Think Like a Scientist! llc field trips are appropriate for scientists in kindergarten through second grade.